Gary Gazlay

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"MADEIRA BEACH CONCERT MARCH,” was inspired by Paul T. Nicholson who was my amazing Junior High Band Director. He was an incredible teacher, and musician who blessed my life and the lives of countless other students.

I started playing the trumpet in the 6th grade, and was a horrible player, which continued when I attended Madeira Beach Jr. High School in the 7th grade. If Mr. Nicholson had not allowed me to switch to the French horn, I probably would have dropped out of band, not have become a music teacher, and never composed music. My love for concert band music began with Mr. Nicholson.

“MADEIRA BEACH CONCERT MARCH,” is dedicated to Mr. “Nic” and all of the members of the Madeira Beach Junior High School Band, Madeira Beach, Florida, who were touched by his life, and shared so may wonderful memories of being in the “band.”


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